Upcoming School Holidays Fishing Clinic – April 2018

The next Kids Fishing Clinic will be held during the April 2018 School Holidays

Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18 & Thursday 19 April 2018 

Get Hooked on Fishing

Have fun learning about fishing techniques, fish filleting, knot tying and more.

All fishing equipment and bait will be supplied.

Certificates and prizes awarded.

September School Holiday Fishing Clinic Report

September Kids Fishing Clinic Report




Article from the August/ September 2017 edition of Western Angler Magazine, click the picture to read more.






April School Holiday Program Report 2017

Get Hooked on Fishing

The Mandurah Community Museum (MCM) in partnership with the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club (MOFSC) took the “Fish for the Future” message to the youth of Mandurah for the sixth consecutive year. They had the support of Linda Wiberg, Community Education Officer from the Fisheries Department and Trevor Blinco from Getaway Outdoors.

The fishing clinics were again a huge success.  Thank you to everyone involved for your time, support and effort. 240 children participated in the fishing clinics and 73 adults attended. This was a record attendance of children.

The fishing clinics were held at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club rather than Dalrymple Park because the fishing platform under the bridge has been removed.  The facilities at the MOFSC are perfect for this water activity.

Linda Wiberg, Community Education Officer from the Fisheries Department presented a 30 minute theory session which gave the children the opportunity to learn, fish identification, what the laws and requirements are, what the best fishing practices for sustainability are and about personal safety.

The practical part of the session went for 80 minutes.  The children were divided into 4 groups.  They rotated to each of the activities.  The MOFSC lead each of the following activities, fishing for 40 minutes, casting for 20 minutes, tying a line to a hook for 10 minutes and learning to fillet a fish for 10 minutes.   A lifeguard was employed to ensure the children were safe when fishing near the water.

After each clinic the children were asked to complete a feedback form.  Participation certificates and bags with fishing brochures, an Eco Venturer’s Journal and fishing magazine were presented to all children.  Prizes were awarded to children for showing improvement, being safety conscious and being the first to complete some activities.

Dudley Dolphin the mascot from the Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group was at each presentation to give the children their bag and to promote the Eco Venturer’s Journal.

Even though 88% of the children that attended indicated they had been fishing before and some of the children had done the clinic before, the feedback was extremely positive.

100% of the children thought the fishing clinic was fun and 97% of them learnt something new.

100% of the children indicated that the volunteers provided them with the confidence to go fishing and enjoy the experience safely with their friends and family.

The children wrote that their favourite activities in order of preference were catching fish, fishing with a rod, learning to cast from the beach, learning to tie knots and learning to fillet a fish.

The sessions were held twice a day on, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the first week of the school holidays.  The first clinic was 10.00am-12.30pm and the second clinic was 1.00pm-3.30pm. The children that attended were aged between 5 and 12.  The majority of the children who attended were aged between 6 and 10 years of age.

There were equipment/resources and volunteers available to cater comfortably for 40 children per session.  The volunteers had to rig extra rods to ensure each child could participate in the larger groups. The vacation carers and parents helped group their children with others they knew.