Anchor Group

The Anchor Group is a group of dedicated volunteers with the purpose to “…assist the Management Committee as directed by the Vice Commodore”

The group consists of up to 20 members who wish to contribute to the club in this way.
The Anchor group supports the functioning of the Club by acting as:

  • Duty Officers on Thursday evenings and Friday Club Night to welcome members, sign in guests and support the Duty Manager on dress code, smoking regulations and code of conduct.
  • Welcoming of members and guests at Opening Day.
  • Assisting the Management Committee with the AGM and all Special General Meetings.
  • Volunteers assisting the Vice Commodore for volunteer rostering during the Boat Show.
  • Support for Australia Day formalities and;
  • Many other official club days, social events, sailing regattas and other activities throughout the year.

The Group meets every month to plan and organise their supporting roles.

If you are interested in finding out more or joining the Anchor Group, please contact the Vice Commodore, Shelley Mansfield.