Marina Visitor

The MOFSC welcomes Members from other Clubs to the marina.  However, we do require all visitors to provide the club with information before they arrive. The Club is a popular destination for visitors and during peak season, room is limited. Our marina berths are leased to Members but the Club is fortunate to have a 200 metre long Collector Jetty for visitors.

All visitors are required to fill out a casual stay application. If you are a new visitor to the Club, we will require additional information including insurance details.


MOFSC Members – 1st night only free

Visiting Club Members – $50 per night with 3rd night only free.

MOFSC Casual Stay Application Form

MOFSC Visiting Vessel Welcome and Information

Mandurah Entry 2014 – Temp Markers  – This is a guide only. If depth of river entrance is an issue, updated information should be obtained from the Dept of Transport.

Please contact Marina Operations 0n 9535 6251 or email at