Buoyed Up

Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club, City of Mandurah and Shire of Murray are proud to providing the Buoyed Up program to schools in Mandurah and Murray.

Buoyed Up, based on the Tackers initiative, is a special introductory sailing program designed to provide vulnerable young people aged 7-12 years with a fun, confidence building sailing experience. Tackers is the brand name for Yachting Australia’s grassroots participation initiative to get young people active through sailing. In particular, the Buoyed Up program seeks to help disadvantaged youth;

  • Build their self esteem
  • Develop their motor skills
  • Enhance their resilience
  • Learn about their environment
  • Value team work

The program is more than a ‘one-off’ experience. It provides participants with a longer term pathway to a lifetime of sailing and potential employment opportunities as sailing instructors. The program provides disadvantaged youth with a unique learning experience that will enhance their capabilities and help them realise their full potential.

Buoyed Up is young person centric, non-competitive and delivered by professional, Yachting Australia qualified instructors. As an entry-level sailing program, no prior sailing experience is required and all equipment, including boats, is provided.

The program provides young people with a fun, practical introduction to sailing by learning through games. Safety is paramount and youth typically work in pairs in small boats that are supervised by a team of instructors. The games include on-water treasure hunts, being towed by a power boat, paddling games and on-water ball games.

By the end of the program the youth will:

  • Have learned the basic sailing safety rules and procedures, and how to use safety equipment
  • Be able to launch their boat
  • Understand what the different roles are in the boat (skipper and crew)
  • Be able to perform basic steering of the boat
  • Understand how the wind affects the boat
  • Understand the freedom and responsibility that sailing provides

Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club is now in it’s second year of providing schools with the Buoyed Up program, with two groups of Greenfields Primary School children completing the program Tackers 1 and Tackers 2 and we are proud to have Pinjarra Primary School due to commence their Tackers 1 program soon.

Greenfields Primary School Team Work


Email for more information at marinaadmin@mofsc.com.au