2019 Fishing Presentation Night

Last weekend with wild weather, the recurring question heard was “Is Fishing competition still on?” People were keen to know the popular stand-alone competition took place because as one fisher said -” this is the first time my daughters have ever asked to go fishing with me!”  A great time was had – all teams attended weigh-in at 3pm, sharing stories of wind, rain and various shore-based locations. A great chance for our fishers to enjoy the camaraderie of the section. Thanks to the sponsorship of Mandurah Home Loans, an Anglers Draw was held and winner Gabi Gaal happily received $50 cash. Everyone else was a winner with a range of prizes available.

Saturday night was the Presentation night for the last season of monthly Fishing Competitions. This was a fantastic evening in the DVR. Fishers and Friends had dinner with invited sponsors and guest speaker Dr. James Tweedley from Murdoch University. There was unanimous approval for the delicious meals – one person known to be a picky eater was seen to enjoy her meal with gusto.  James was an entertaining and informative after dinner speaker and one comment was “I learnt something and thought I already knew it!”  Steve Carter, Rear Commodore Fishing awarded trophies and prizes along with some highlights of the season including the tussle for Club Champion this year. Congratulations to all competitors – there was a spread of winners and names can be read on the trophies in the cabinet. The Junior Champion is Brock Shepherd, Champion Lady is Gabi Gaal, Champion Male and Club Champion is Brian Edwards and Volunteer of the Year Gary Russell-Brown. The vibe from the evening was so good, people kicked on sharing stories for some time after the presentation. The next season for Monthly Fishing Competitions starts the first weekend in October. Thanks to our sponsors for supporting MOFSC Fishing and we encourage everyone to support them; TackleWorld Mandurah, Scavenger Supplies, Total Tools, Midstream Makit Hardware and A1 Salvage.

Please click the link below to view the photos from the Fishing presentation Night