Alcoa Action Grant

Alcoa Action Grant
Wagerup shift 2 op-centre 3 used their ESAD to do a community service day at MOFSC.
With the help of 9 crew members & Tony McGukin, Bob Benzie & Des McLean who unwrapped the plastic from the new chairs – the crew shifted 300 of them from the boatshed and removed all the old chairs to storage.
After, earth works were done by TKL contracting at the edge of the club boat park at the marina beach. The crew then commenced on the ramp with the help from Warren Blay – Scavenger Supplies, who provided the material. The crew put the ramp in place to make it easier for the junior sailors to launch the clubs boats.  It looks great & I wish to thank Tom Busher, Alcoa’s Wagerup Community Officer, who gave us the Action Grant to be able to do this. This is very aesthetic & provides a great platform to which to roll the boats down from the concrete without damaging the clubs dinghy’s. Also thanks to Ashley from Master Lock Service who provided the morning tea & lunch for the troops..
Kevin Luff
Vice Commodore