Annual Inter Club Cruising Lunch – Sunday 10th September 2017

Last Sunday, our club hosted the annual Interclub Cruising Annual Lunch, with members from Fremantle Sailing Club and Hillaries Yacht Club coming down to join some of our own cruising fraternity for a delicious lunch put on by Grahame and his fantastic staff. Even the carrots were tasty!

After a warm welcome from our new Commodore Alvin Letica, our special guest speaker Mr Michael McGee from the Mandurah Community Museum took us all on an enthralling journey through some of the rich maritime history of Mandurah. Michael and other volunteers continue to work tirelessly to capture and preserve old photographs and stories, as well as numerous historical boats, and we are really appreciative of him for giving up a Sunday to come and keep us entertained.

In amongst all the food and history, we even had time for our own “Godfather of Cruise” Rick Oswald to regale us with the odd tall story from the annual Quindalup Cruise (which is still an important event on the cruising calendar) and to make us all stand up and do silly things for a bottle of wine.

At Four Bells in the Afternoon Watch (i.e. about 2pm), the crew of Bourbon Street took over, playing their cruisy brand of Yacht Rock while we all talked of distant shores, following winds, and the dangers of sobriety in general.

Thanks again to our great staff and for Leanne and Channelle for helping organise the event, and for all our cruisers who came along as hosts.

The Kununoppin Crew

Guest Speaker Michael McGee (Mandurah Community Museum) and “Guest Cruiser” Lucinda Daly (FSC)

A couple of Old Sea Dogs

The Well-Behaved Table