Dinghy Winter Series 2016 Update

Sunday, 3rd July 2016

Cold……very cold…brrrrr

I heard someone say on the radio the coldest day of???????????? (Didn’t catch that bit thank goodness) The day started off drizzling and looked foreboding, but cleared up to a dreary, cold, fluky day for sailing. So here we all were, dressed in warm layers…..mmmm except my crew Katie? New baby and not having sailed for a long long time was forced to wear her hubbies gear…..just as well we didn’t go for a swim Katie ….

We were blessed with the presence of Safety Bay sailors of Peter and Paul (all we need is a Mary and we have a great group….mmm maybe I’m too old and the young ones haven’t any idea as to who I’m alluding tooo?)

As we are sailing in the estuary between the eastern and western foreshores, the course can get quite complex to manage a decent sized race in the crowded waters….thus many sailors having graffiti on their arms and legs…..and still losing their way around the course…hmmmm I’m lucky as I have a crew who tells me where to go, but the single handers are at a disadvantage there!

Two of our stalwarts did not start. The Grand Master, Mr Flintoff decided the wind shifts were too bothersome so headed back and came out later in his RIB. The great Luffy and brave Jade went out to play together in the fireball, but alas…mmmmm what happened Luffy? I know there was a capsize and a spectacular dive by your foredecky?

Bee was off to a great start and the entire race showed the form that gained her selection to sail in Germany later this month, resulting in a fastest on Yardstick. Second was Peter from Safety Bay on his Impulse. Welcome Peter, hope you enjoyed the race? I was sailing with my faithful crew of Katie and Ben, struggling to keep afloat in the fluky and gusty conditions. Thanks goodness we survived as I would have really not liked to capsize as it was soooo cold….brrr   Paul was enjoying the sail and managed to just beat Grant, who was desperate for a sail and commandeered his sons’ laser. We need to see the 505 again Grant? Trev took a Pacer out with new guy Mark and managed to come in just after Grant. I believe the Pacer will be the favored boat of Trev’s for this winter series? Anyone else wants to race a Pacer? Ask Luffy? I believe Jade and Dazza will be out in one next time. Bringing up the rear was the brave Mike, who insisted on sailing on the edge, again and a capsize again……mmm…didn’t see this one Mike so no scores for finesse? Our other Safety Bay recruit sadly broke his mast and had to retire. I hope you can get it fixed in time for the next race Paul?

Of course we can’t race if it wasn’t for Gail, Ron, Deb and Dave on the Start boat and Ken and Jax laying marks. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts as we can have fun because of you guys!

Next winter series racing is at 11am.  All are welcome $10/race

24/7/16 31/7/16 14/8/16
21/8/16 11/9/16 2/10/16

See you there for fun on the water

Sunday, 5th June 2016

The first race was held on the long weekend in June.  Yep, a long weekend when most people go away………except for the diehard sailors. And yes it was cold. I had a full wetty on with all the warm gear and I was still cold. (it didn’t help when I thought we were bogged and so I exited the boat to push off the Fairbridge Bank and whoops…..we weren’t bogged at all…I was in too deep to touch the ground. It was just the new skipper Ben getting a feel for the boat and going super slow….lol

The laser buddies of Flintoff and Dave, ganged up on us poor sharpie sailors and tried pushing us towards the Tea and Coffee Merchant, but guys, we really didn’t want a cuppa that early? Jeepers that gave Luffy, Pauly Bee and Mike a chance to get in front!

Thank you Young Super Quick Mike who wanted to slow himself down to let us all catch up and executed a magnificent capsize in front of the Long Weekend Mandurah crowds down near the old bridge. I scored Mike an 8, for location and finesse J  Took marks off as it was a quickie….Coincidently, as Mike was playing with the dolphins (millions and trillions around that day…..just a slight exaggeration…maybe?), Luffy was hugging the spit post…..trying to hang on I think to stop the tides sweeping him onto the Old Bridge?

So then we had the lottery. Where to go   what were the odds Incoming tide, had to go towards the mouth of the Estuary and light fluky winds

Mr Flintoff, Mike and Bee hugged the Western shore and won out. But poor poor Mike……it was a starboard course Mike……just as well Paul told Mike before he sailed too far away from the buoy (though Mike was told my Mr Flintoff….mmmm  Didn’t believe him eh?) Thank you Mike. I very much appreciated your handicapping

All in all, it was fun sailing in the close waters of the Estuary, getting close to our fellow competitors. The tide was painful as the winds were light, but it certainly made for more interesting sailing

Winter series are one race, held on Sundays, on the Estuary

Dates are: (yeah, I know they are weird dates, but they are around Luffys shift roster :p)

3/7/16 24/7/16 31/7/16 14/8/16
21/8/16 11/9/16 2/10/16

Cost is $50 single handed, $70 double handed. Paying $10 per race until total cost is achieved. Payable on the day to myself, or if I’m not there, to Luffy

See you on the 3rd July for fun on the water

Ally Boocock