Dinghy Winter Series Update

Mmmm  wind oh wind……where were you, obviously not with us competitors in the winter series and the first heat of the Pacer Cup!

The keel boat guys and girls were anxious to get on the water and feel the ambiance of dinghy sailing and left the beach very verily early……while the rest of the dinghy fleet pottered around gossiping , fixing bits of boats and just generally leaving things till the last minute…..as usual! Probably thinking the race would be delayed due to the lack of windy stuff……..

Well we started, sort of….on time…yeah…..boats in all directions playing bumper cars, getting up close and personal. It was a great bonding session. For those who could make it. Unfortunately there were a few anti-social Pacers out there. Saying their last emotional farewells to the old Mandurah Bridge. Well Jade was certainly emotional. Its Ok Jade. You managed a good hug, but your tears of grief were heard from miles away. The fantastic support guys of Ken and Ron enjoyed catching the ratbag Pacers and sending them on a flying start across the line…………just a tad late?

Now, the Rear Crummydore battles…..Luffy vs Dixon….These guys were meant to be our heroic leaders, but Luffy showed us how to complete a roll tack and use the centerboard as an anchor, while Neil decided to take his boat and crew for a walk. (There was a convenient footpath in the form of the swimming pontoon) Imaginative interpretation of the rules there!  And Imagine the Rear of Sail being towed home by the Vice after running out of footpaths for leading the boat? Thankyou Annette for the rescue…..but wait, there’s more….Luffy was towed by the Vice, again, (making a habit of this towing Annette?) but Peta mutinied to bond with Annette and Luffy was left all alone on his boat.

First to finish for the fleet was Mike, who decided he didn’t need the swimming practice this time. Which was just as well as Dan was following closely……..despite having to borrow a boom vang after leaving his at home…???

First of the Pacers to finish were Trev and Mark, after a close tussle with Mark and Nat.

While all these shenanigans were happening, the crew on Mistral was recording all. Thank you Ross, Laura and Gail for giving us photographic evidence …………..?

Next winter series racing is at 11am.  All are welcome $10/race.

14/8/16 21/8/16 11/9/16 2/10/16

See you there for fun on the water.