Fishing Presentation Night 2020

What a great night;

Good friends, great food and a shared passion to celebrate fishing at MOFSC.

The major award winners for our shortened (9 comps instead of usual 11, Covid 19 Season) were

Brian Edwards (Men’s and Club Champion Fisher with a 585-point aggregate for the 2019/20)

Adam Tenadi (2nd place Club Champion with a 520-point aggregate)

Gabi Gaal (Ladies Champion with 290 points)

Rod Miller, Dave Slater and Mariano Bortelli (all ranked highly with season totals over 250 points)

Each month saw between 11 and 23 registered anglers with the average number 15.

The highest number of points that was achieved in a single comp was 125. This was achieved by weighing in 8 different species – 80 points, winning the heaviest of 4 of those species (additional 40 points) and attending weigh-in, 5 points. Its not luck as 125points was achieved twice by the same fisher; Brian Edwards in January and then again in August.

The Next highest point score for a single competition was 90.

Of the 15 listed target species between 3 and 12 species were presented for weigh-in each month. Average number of species presented was 8. The total number of fish weighed in during the season was 217. Being 57 Sand whiting, 28 Skippy, 25 Herring, 25 King George whiting, 19 Breaksea Cod, 18 Gamefish, 12 Dhufish, 9 Bream, 6 Baldchin Grouper, 6 Tailor, 5 Flathead, 3 Pink Snapper, 3 Sharks and a solitary Snook were weighed-in during the season.


Individual winners for a species were;


Bob Ballantine with a       0.280 kg Sand Whiting

Angela Booker with a        0.220 kg Herring

Mariano Bordes with a   13.320 kg Dhufish

Justin Davies with a          0.615 kg FLATHEAD

Brian Edwards with a        5.140 kg Gamefish

Brian Edwards                     8.640 kg Shark

Brian Edwards                     0.830 kg Tailor

Gabi Gaal with a                0.735 kg BREAM

Rod Miller with a               1.060 kg SKIPJACK

Dave Slater with a              1.150 kg King George Whiting

Adam Tenadi with a         0.390 kg SNOOK

Adam Tenadi                       2.455 kg BALDCHIN GROPER

Adam Tenadi                       1.900 kg BREAKSEA COD

Adam Tenadi                      6.230 kg Pink Snapper

Jeanette Baldwin was named Fishing Section Volunteer of the Year

Paul Lamont was given an innovation award for recycling engine oil to get back home.


Click on the link to be directed to the photos of the night