Last Twilight of the 2015/2016 Season – Twilight Report

Firstly thanks again to Mark Robbins from Silver Sands Sails and Marine for his involvement and sponsorship last week. It certainly put a new and enjoyable one off tilt on our usual twilight event.

But now sadly we’re almost at the end of our Twilight events for this season. (group sigh)

With this Wednesday April 27th being our last organised event, I want to sincerely thank everyone, from the MOFSC staff, officials and members for their support and assistance and of course everyone who has turned up from near and far to be a part of the events.

The number of participants for the twilight events have been steadily increasing, and appearing from not only racing and cruising sections, but also representatives from fishing, power and admin which we’re extremely proud of, and hope it will continue to grow in the future.

And on that subject, as always I’m keen to hear your ideas on anything you have and haven’t enjoyed and how we might further improve the event to entice even more participants. You can either catch me at the BBQ after the sail this week or shoot an email through to me, or both.

​With the forecast of lighter winds this week, its possible there may be a drone in the air taking photo’s around our start time, but it’s up to the photographer on the day. At this stage we have not been able to locate the operator of the drone from 2 weeks ago, but we’re still hopeful.

This week the course and start remain the same as last week, with the start at 5:45pm at the old Fig Tree, and finish at the Fishing Platform. Don’t forget your BBQ packs and again I look forward to seeing you!

hoc est principium et non finis

​Thank you again everyone!​


Cliff Davis

Indulgence II _ MOFSC

Island Cruising Association W.A. Port Captain

Seven Seas Cruising Association W.A. Cruising Station Host