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Marina Industries Award

The Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club (MOFSC) is renowned in our region for
being a community minded club. The Clubs achievements over the last two years were
recognised when the Club was nominated as a finalist in the 2015 ‘Best Community
Engagement Initiative’ at the bi-annual Marina Industries Association Conference
Marine15, Gold Coast, Queensland, 3 May 2015.

The Marina Industries Association President, Andrew Chapman highlighted that the
competition for the Awards was the strongest ever and record number of entries had been
received from Australia and other countries. “It is a sign of the growing strength of the
marina industries that we are celebrating the excellent achievements of the winners and
finalists at Marine15 Conference and Exhibition”.

One of MOFSC’s most commendable programmes is its cooperation with the Fishers with
Disabilities, utilising the Club and its resources for social fishing fortnightly, providing
many disabled community members with a unique opportunity.
“For all of our participants going fishing on the ocean or in the Estuary was a
dream. Together with our partners we have made this dream come true. We have and we
will continue to help several community groups experience the beautiful waterways in and
around Mandurah”, commented Past Commodore Greg Hancock.

Early in 2013 the Club commissioned a new Support Boat that fulfilled a list of
requirements necessary for a successful disability programme. The boat was purchased with
the help from partners with a common vision of community spirit. Special recognition goes
to the Community Branch of the Bendigo Bank, Alcoa and the many Club members who
helped with fundraising.
Club Marine CEO, Simon McLean said the Awards play an important role in fostering
business improvement across the marina industry. “Congratulations to the winners,
finalists and all the entrants in the Awards. The Awards process requires time to reflect on
one’s business performance and this in itself is a very healthy process”.

MOFSC will continue to build on it’s community support, hosting World Class events and
programmes including:  The Mandurah Boat Show, Sail into Life, RecFishWest, Camp Quality,
the Buoyed Up Program, and partnering with the City of Mandurah for the Australia Day
Flotilla and the Stretch Festival.

The Marina Industry Association’s mission is to support the sustainable development of the
marina industries through education, accreditation and research programmes. The Mandurah
Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club is proud to be a member of this growing support-network.


Marina Industries Award