Race Officer & Judges Course


Race Officer and Judges Course

Australian Sailing has scheduled some race officer and judge courses here at the Australian Sailing Office.  Below are the links to the courses information where people within your club can find out more on becoming a club race officer or a club judge.  With the 2017-2018 season soon upon us and now is the ideal time for people to attend these courses so they can support your clubs sailing season.

The Club Race Officer course is designed to train people in the basics to be a Race Officer at a club level. The course is delivered in a class room. Once students have successfully completed the course new club race officers must apply to be a race officer with Australian Sailing to be accredited. The cost of the course is $65.00 and includes a redeemable voucher for your race officer shirt with ZHIK. To apply for accreditation online follow the link below. Please continue with the online registration.

Click here to register for the club race officer course 19th & 12th Sep

Click here to register for the club race officer course 15th Oct

The club judge seminar is designed to train people who wish to be judges in their clubs. The cost of this course is $65.00. Club accreditation is used to recognise people who have attended an Australian Sailing sanctioned course or have been nominated by their affiliated club. Their continued participation in the sport is very important. You are encouraged to continue your involvement with the sport and be shown how you can progress by mentors within your club and other judges in the sport at other clubs. Please visit the links below to learn more about being a club level judge. Please use the apply on line link to make your application to be a club level judge. This can be done prior to attending the course or post course.

Click here to register for the club judge seminar 13th & 20th Sep

Click here to register for the club judge seminar 22 Oct

Should you or any of your members have any questions on these course please contact us here in the Australian Sailing office

Dean Caple

Australian Sailing Club Services