RMarine Fishing Classic 2018 Results & Photo’s

RMarine Mandurah 2018 Fishing Classic 3 February 2018 – report

Congratulations to the many winners! The event exceeded our expectations in terms of competitor numbers, bags submitted and sponsorship response. The range of species presented at weigh-in was also very impressive with only two of the fifteen nominated not being represented. There was a total of 122 fish, from 57 bags out of the 117 registered competitors.

There were 27 Dhufish weighed in, 6 of them weighing over 10  kgs. Four particularly outstanding fish were caught – a 16.825kg Dhufish by Darren Perkins; an 8. 95kg Pink Snapper by Ed Bradfield; a 5.105kg Baldchin Groper by Wayne Goodchild and an impressive 2.365kg Flathead by Matt Kennewell. These are some of the best fish seen around Mandurah for some time.

Congratulations to Champion Female Neryl Mundy, Champion Male Andrew Haines and Champion Junior (under the age of 14) Troy Barber. A special commendation to Troy who also won heaviest of two species; Bream as well as Whiting.  The complete list of winners is below.

The door prize section of the presentations drew much interest, with the value of these ensuring that competitors remained to the end in the hope of picking up one of the great attractions. The generosity of the many sponsors for the RMarine Classic meant many competitors took home some fantastic prizes.  What a great day.

Please support sponsors of the RMarine Fishing Classic https://mofsc.com.au/rmarine-fishing-classic-2018/

The Mandurah Mail has reported on the classic and photos can be found here http://www.mandurahmail.com.au/story/5208765/anglers-reel-in-impressive-catches-for-2018-mandurah-fishing-classic-photos/?cs=12#slide=1


BALDCHIN GROPER 5.105kg Wayne Goodchild
BREAKSEA COD 1.73kg Jayden Comito
BREAM 0.82kg Troy Barber (J)
DHUFISH 16.825kg Darren Perkins
FLATHEAD 2.365kg Matt Kennewell
FLOUNDER 0.415kg Paul Lamont
GAMEFISH 3.21kg Brett Wilhelm
HERRING 0.14kg Jayden Comito
KG Whiting 0.58kg Andrew Haines
PINK SNAPPER 8.95kg Ed Bradfield
SHARK (longest) 1.42m Dylan Picken
SKIPJACK 1.565kg Alek Ashcroft
WHITING 0.175kg Troy Barber (J)
TAILOR na nil
Champion Male Andrew Haines
Champion Female Neryl Mundy
Champion Junior Troy Barber