Silver Sands Sails and Marine “Twilight”

This week is this seasons second last twilight event and is the:

Silver Sands Sails and Marine Twilight.
Currently they are specialising in boat covers and canvas work. You can contact Mark on 0437057589

Particularly as this one is a sponsored event, we’ll need to keep some conformity to the sail. Of course anyone is very welcome to join in whenever the choose, but to be eligible for an over the line prize, we require the following.

As I’ve arranged the usual fine weather and between 12 to 15 kts of breeze, and with the new finish line now at the Fishing Platform, we should have little problem in, and will require, completing the course as per my last email. And no early starters is not only requested, it’s also not negotiable.

Just prior to the start time of 5:45pm AMPT (auto mobile phone time) please check on the jetty adjacent to the Old Fig Tree for a volunteer with a mobile phone and some kind of wavy thing (do you know anyone who may be willing to help here) as we’ll start on their signal. If not, I will give a sound signal from my boat to indicate the start.

If you do happen to be over early or forward of the start line, you may quickly return behind the line before proceeding but as you have no rights over other boats who are starting correctly you must keep clear of them. You will be well advised to avoid an early start.

To qualify:

​The course is as below with 5:45 start (not any earlier!), note the finish line will now be the Fishing Platform on the Eastern side of the channel that we used last year, due to outgoing tide and southerly breezes.​

​Although recommended, due to the number of boats it is not necessary to leave the large pimple Port Marker near the fishing platform to the correct side but I do strongly suggest you move over to west of centre of the groynes when your near it.

Prizes categories will be determined prior to the event, but also may be given for what is consider deserving of effort on the night so please come along and have some fun.

Twilight Course 2016 early start