Winter Series Update

Hello, to all Sailors, Parents, Coaches and Volunteers,

Well, it was another amazing day on the water last Sunday for race 4 of the Winter Series.  Although the ambient temperature was very low, it was surprisingly nice on the water (I do believe that there were a few that tested the water temperature)!!.  It was certainly a very challenging day, with the amount of ebbing tide, and it tripped up even the more experienced sailors.  For the juniors, it was a new and learning experience, on how to tactically position your boat on the water.  It was especially difficult to read where the Pressure (Wind) was, versus the tide.  When learning, always have a good look at what the more experienced sailors are doing, and after the racing, ask them Why?  From what I seen on the water, all the juniors did extremely well in those very challenging conditions.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers and parents that make this all happen.  You are all amazing in the efforts that you put in.. 😉

Also, we must not forget our sponsors..  Elvstrom Sails (Skid & Nat) and Scavenger Fire & Safety (Warren).  These are two local businesses that do much for our club and sailors.  “Thanks, you lot”!

Race 5 is scheduled for the 19th August, and is also the last heat of the ‘Pacer Cup’.  For all those who are unaware, this is a friendly team’s race between the Dinghy group and the Keelboat Group, for the ‘Coveted Cup’.  The Pacers are also sailing in the Adult Winter series, which means, that it could be possible to win the Pacer Cap and the Winter Series.

I will be away taking some leave for next week, and won’t be there on the 19th.  Trevor Date and Ally Boocock will keep an eye on the weather and will send out a communications next week in relation to sailing Race 5.

As we discussed last Sunday at the briefing, we have scheduled a resail of Race 3 on the 26th August, same time, same place.

The Winter Series presentations will be held at 1330 on the last race day which is the 9th September. It would be wonderful, if all those that sailed the 2018 Winter Series were able to attend for the presentations and maybe tell a few tall stories over a cordial?  This will be a ‘Sausage Sizzle’ in the Hook Café.

A couple of things on Process and housekeeping;

  • Could sailors and crew let us know if you are not able to attend on the sailing day, by either email or txt, as this helps up allocate crew and skippers before the race day.
  • We were thinking that it may be useful for the skippers and crews to be able to contact each other prior to race day, so that they can talk about the upcoming sailing.  This is something that senior multi handed dinghies do to prevent disappointment on race day, if their crew or skipper doesn’t show.  This will be dependent of it being ok for phone number to be given out of course.  Please give it a thought, and we can discuss at the next briefing day.
  • If anyone has a favourite sailing link on the net, youtube, etc, that they would like to share, please forward, and I can include in our email.
  • Lastly, If there is anyone that can assist doing our dinghy results on a regular basis, please let me know.

I hope that you are all having a great Winter Series, and if you see any areas that we can improve this format of racing, please email, txt or call.

Kind Regards

Mike Gaebler

 Rear Commodore Dinghy