Winter Series Update

Wind……great!  For once no floating aimlessly around the Estuary……., well there was a teaser of wind at the start, but that petered out later in the race for competitors in the winter series and the second heat of the Pacer Cup! And Mike was not even going to turn up as the forecast was for strong winds……later in the afternoon………. mmm

Well I can’t personally comment on the race or sailing techniques (as I was playing my winter sport of hockey ….), but I did manage to scrounge some bits and pieces about the days sailing…or lack of?

The shenanigans started early with Gail earning the Wally of the Week award by parking the boat on Fairbridge Bank…. lucky Gail got the boat off before too many people noticed?  Also for leaving Ross and Laura high and dry waving to the exiting boat on the collector jetty ???

Rear Crummydore Dickson seems to enjoy this Pacer stuff for anything other than sailing…. last race was towing…this race bathing? (are there bungs in those Pacers?) But we have to state that Neil did not desert the sinking ship.

But then, Gail was not the only one who kissed the bottom of the estuary…the awesome crew of Ken and Ron who were laying the marks decided the competitors needed a challenge and brought the competition close to the shore for all of Mandurah to watch………

Not to be out done, Pauly decided to play cowboys and lasso G mark as he wasn’t happy with its location……. Jeepers, and I thought the mark laying was excellent?

Now talking about shenanigan’s…… Ben and Mark decided their boat was too small for both of them…Ben started by chucking Mark off the boat and Mark retaliated in true Kiwi style…. wasn’t it cold in the water boys?

Paul decided it WAS too cold after a halfhearted capsize resulting in him chickening out and staying dry as he clambered onto the centerboard to stay dry……  good move!

This time the Pacers finishing was reversed with Mark and Nat first pacer closely followed by Trev and Zale …Phil tried to claim a prize and snuck over the line tricking Gail, but the others were wise to you Phil……. you doooo need to sail a full course!   It was great to see Grant out there in a pacer with Steph, who is new to the club. Welcome Steph

In the lasers Mike sailed a fantastic race to come in first (with no capsizes?), followed by Paul Rowley and Paul Luff

Welcome to the guys from SBYC and PBSC, come again to play?

While all this was going on, Jules and Bruce offered professional support keeping everyone safe, despite Jules shivering from being cold and wet due to a nameless person…… (red face here) forgetting to provide wet weather gear…………. sorry Jules L

Next winter series racing and Pacer Cup is at a different time of 1.30pm on 11/9/16, as try sail day is in the morning. Dress as a pirate day!  All are welcome $10/race

Then the last race for the dinghy winter series is on the 2/10/16

See you there for fun on the water